2022 International Conference on Civil Engineering, Ecological Construction and Advanced Materials
Committee Member

Dr. Pooya Saffari is a program leader and Postdoctoral researcher with 1 year teaching experience, 4+ years of research experience and 2 years engineering experience in Geotechnical engineering. Certificated as High Level Talents by Fujian Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Published over 13 articles in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. His research considers the examination of the use of a new model for the prediction of shear strength and collapse behavior of residual soils in saturated and unsaturated conditions. Residual soils used widely as a construction material in slopes, embankments, foundations, roads, and other geotechnical structures. I am very interested to extend my research for various unsaturated soils in different regions. It is also my interest to conduct researches in following areas: - Unsaturated soil mechanics - Geotechnical characterizing of tailings-waste rock mixture - Volume change behavior of unsaturated soils - Slope stability analysis and early warning system - Landslides - Wetting collapse prediction - Advanced laboratory test methods for saturated and unsaturated soils - Stability enhancement of tailings dams.